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We've Made Some Changes!
NEW!! AM Care Program
The hours for our new AM Care program are from 6:30 to 9:00 am.  This program will serve the following schools: Cook Hill and Parker Farms Elementary, Moran and Dag Middle Schools, and Sheehan High School.  Contact your school to request a Daycare Transportation Form.  Click here for the flyer with details on this new program. Click on the REGISTRATION and MEMBERSHIP buttons below to download the required registration and membership forms.
NOTE: The registration form outlines the monthly fee for this program, which varies based upon the number of school days.  There is a pricing discount for additional siblings, and a further discount if the whole year is paid in advance.  See the Registration form for details.

After School Program
As before, our after-school hours are from 2:30 to 6:00 pm.  Students from the following schools can receive town transportation: Dag, Moran, Sheehan, Wilcox, Parker Farms and Cook Hill elementary, as well as Wintergreen Magnet School in Hamden.  Contact the Board of Education to request after-school transportation to the Boys & Girls Club.  Click on the REGISTRATION and MEMBERSHIP buttons below to download the required registration and membership forms.

Updated Inclement Weather Policy

Please read the attached policy so that you'll be prepared for closures.

Children must be 6 years old or in first grade to participate in the Boys & Girls Club after school programs.

The information you provide to us on the membership application is critical.  We ask that every effort be made to provide contact information that is both current and accurate.  It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to notify us of any changes to your telephone number (home, work, emergency contacts, etc.) and/or address information as soon as such changes occur.

We are not a daycare center or babysitting service.   We expect all members to follow the rules or they will not be able to participate in programs.  Click on the button at the bottom of this page to download our Club Membership form

Power Hour
Power hour is our daily homework time which runs for 45 minutes on school days except Fridays. Members are asked to come prepared for this time each day. They should have all the materials they need to complete their homework assignments as well as a book to read after they have finished all of their assigned work. (We are growing our Club selection of books they can read if they forget their own - donations are always welcome.)

The value of this time should not be underestimated as members have the opportunity to get their homework done and to receive extra help from the staff members. However, this time will only be as valuable as the individual club members make it. Parents should encourage their children to record the homework they have, as well as due dates, in an assignment pad or another consistent location.
It is also helpful if you stress to your child how important it is to use the Power Hour time constructively. Getting homework done in the afternoon, while help is available, reduces stress levels and improves overall academic achievement.

Other Activities
When Power Hour is complete, members are given several choices of age-appropriate activities under staff supervision.  Activities take place in our game room (including pool, ping pong and board games), kitchen (video games, cooking or art activities), gym (basketball, volleyball, capture the flag, and other group sports), and parking lot games (weather permitting).

Become a Member Now

For your convenience, you may choose to click on the "Buy Now" button at the right to pay your $100 school-year membership fee online via PayPal.  We look forward to meeting you!

Click on the links at right to download our important membership forms.
Parent Handbook - We ask that a Parent/Guardian read and return the signed slip confirming your understanding of our policies. 
Anti-Bullying Policy
Permission to Leave without a parent
Sample Medical Form - generic version in case your physician asks you to bring form
Medication Authorization Form - sample of form required for any member requiring medication during Club hours

Financial Assistance Application- complete this form if you wish to apply for financial assistance with the Club.

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